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  1. hi anna, just checking on you to see how you are feeling? Hope you are having a great week.
  2. i will have to see if i can find a similar program here in georgia. I am trying to volunteer for hospice, but so far i haven't been able to complete the training program. You have encouraged me to keep trying. I am not a quitter, and i need to not let lupus take this away from me.
  3. thanks, i will check this out. hope it is something that i can do. hope you are having a good one today.
  4. hey girly - hope you're doing well today - just got the site up. I work full time so its slow coming
  5. hi anna, yes, i would love to get more information on the patient advovacy service, tell me more.
  6. hi justomegirlindallas,

    have you considered the long terms effects of mtx? I am very happy with the med, but there are some serious possibilities that i might face in the future.....i just want to make sure that you have considered all sides. I find the risk worth the benefits that i get, hope i don't kick myself in the back side later on.

    Hope you are having a great your avatar.

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