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  1. hiya, just remembered i am on this site...crazy photoshopping has overcome my mind! i put some info on yr facebook about esa, i hope it helps, i tried to post on ur tread but couldnt! basically its like am mind game with the goverment and an evil one at that! ive been reashing the changes for ages cos its scares me - one thing i didnt add on facebook is try and get the job center to think alone the lines of self employed at home, and give them an idea of what u could do - wheather u can do it or not atm, it will look like u r engaging with them, and then give them the reasons why ur day to day health prevent u from being self employed, a diary of things that happens is the best bet i think, but keep a copy in case they 'lose' the orginal, i dont trust them at the job center so i keep copies of everything...
  2. Increase the peace my dear friend xx
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