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  1. Hi just wanted to say hello, tried calling your phone. Don't know if you changed your number or not I had to. Pm me if you have,

    Love , missing you and hope you're new treatments are working

  2. hey hey hey.....we have to get together. give me a call.....404 433 1784
  3. hey girl have I missed you or what. my new cell phone number starts with 561. Is yours the same. Want to talk

    hugs toni
  4. Hope you're relaxing good. hugs and I miss you
  5. Don't know if my answer when through right so I'm sending it again.
    Yes to both questions. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment.
    How are you doing?
    Thanks and Hugs

    your inbox is full and my message won't go. So here it is.
  6. feeling miserable as normal. gonna sit outside and let the sun burn away my misery. One of my grandma's used to say blow the stink away.. I'll feel better soon. just hate this part

    hugs and how's the headache?????????
    Love me
  7. hi lady,

    just stopped by to see how you are feeling today.....hope you are doing ok....thinking about you.
  8. Thanks for meeting me for lunch at my end of town. It was wonderful to see you. Used up my energy but it was sssoooo worth it

    Hugs toni
  9. Will call you Wednesday/today coming down with a cold. The crud, what ever and the IBS is attacking up too
  10. hey lady,

    i have misplaced your phone number...will you please give me a call on my cell. thanks.
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