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  1. MISS and LOVE YOU!
  2. hey lady.....are you still around? I miss you so much and think of you all of the time....
  3. OMG PHYLLIS !!!! I MISS YOU!!!! I hope you and those BEAUTIFUL grandkids are well!!!!! Please know you are on my mind!!!!! I still have to get to that Aquarium and to YOU!!!! LOL Love and HUgs!!! XXXOOO Jeannette
  4. Hi Phyllis! So i guess that trip to Georgia has been kinda put on hold huh! BOOOOO!!! When i get to kicken again Ash and i will get there yet! I DO MISS YOU! I hope things are going ok with you and your family, the girls,the grankids, your son,and of course your furry child! lOL AWWWW, too cute! I updated thigs on a thread in Lauri's Lounge. Just staying busy with tests and appt after appt! I wont let it get my down though! Well, maybe just down on the couch or the bed, but not my SPIRITS! WOO HOO! Love and Miss you my FRIEND XXXOOO This is Ash in the drivers seat hopefully in the near future to visit my GEORGIA PEACH!
  5. HI PHYLLIS!!!!!! Just wanted to pop in to say I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!! Ill try to be around whenever im able to!!!! Hope all is well at home and with the BEAUTIFUL GRANDKIDS!!!!!! THINKING OF YOU!!!!!!! LOVE my FRIEND! XXXXXOOOOO
  6. hi les,
    so sorry about the stomach has been running rampid around here. Somehow, i have avoided it (knock on wood - my head will do). I hate that your throat is no better...are you going to try to script that she wrote for you? I am going to Jim's in a little while and will be back sunday night...i will check on you then.
  7. hi jeannette, so glad to hear about your new dr.....finally, you have found someone who will listen to and work with you.....congrats my friend.
    After all that you have gone through, it is not right. What test is she running on friday? I will be out of town with work tomorrow, but will be back on friday....i will be here friday night, so please let me know how everything goes....your news has made my day....
  8. He wants my GP here in town to saty on top of it. HA HA to THAT! Were hoping direct orders from HIM will make her do so! LOL Hope you are doing ok Phyllis. Let me know, OK? Love you XXXOOO
  9. HI Phyllis!!!!! Started the plaquenil!!!!! My GOOD dr in MI is our choice to stick with! He wants me on it for a year and if it doesnt do its job well enough he wants to go another route. He couldnt believe my drs in our area WOULDNT start it. I told him how my new rheumy in our area said "its ONLY Fibro Jeannette,nothing else,so i wont give you plaquenil." We were hoping to get drs closer to home. We thought since he diagnosed me that drs would pick up where he left off, WRONG. They suck in our area. He found a heart murmur,more tests on Friday,this was one of the issues i was trying to get my GP to get on top of, she says to me"Jeannette, your heart is STRONG and HEALTHY". HMMMMM, really Bi~~~? Well, what do you say to "THIS" then!? LOL SHe also overlooked my stage 2 kidney damage,which my MI dr is on top of as well. He is hoping the plaquenil will stop my inflammtion that it will curtail the hurt on my kidneys.
  10. HI PHYLLIS HI PHYLLIS HI PHYLLIS!!!!!!!! IVE MISSED MY PHYLLIS!!!!!! How were your hoildays? GOOD i HOPE!!!! Did you have the grandkids over or did you go to them? Ive been pretty sick, still am, but i had to finally drop by to say HI to my PEEPS!! LOL Ive missed it around here BUT OMG, its all so NEW to me!!! Im going to take a while to catch on! Ill talk more with you later to catch up!!!!! LOVE YOU!!! XXXXOOOO
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