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  1. hi jane,

    thanks for the concern. After reading the responses, i decided to take the mtx on monday night as usual, and my daughter has gotten help with the party. If i feel up to it, i will participate, but if i don't, i will stay in my room. thanks again,,,,i knew i could count of everyone here to help me.

    hope you have had a great weekend....what did you and your lovely family do this weekend?
  2. hiya hun ive jsut read your thread on can you change your mtx day, beofre you do anything plz ask your dr about it, it HAS to be taken on the same day each week, i wouldnt want ANYTHING to happen to you, take care my dear xxx
  3. hi jane,

    i am truly so happy for you and norma (plus her little guys). Don't worry about other people...they don't walk in your shoes, so they don't are making a beautiful family to care for and love MJ, Shane, and Joe....that is all that matters.

    My mom is doing much better....each day she gets stronger....thanks for you, my friend.
  4. Hello mount
    just wanted to say thankyou very much for your kind words, meant alot to me and norma, back to reality now, hows your mum doing? btw when u sent me angel and rast that to all of us at the same time i was impressed! and felt privilaged too take it easy hun lodsa love me xxx
  5. hiya...just to let u kno im praying also!!
    P&L my dear friend
  6. you got it my little English friend....I can definitely play the tambourine, or i will even jump in with a little bongo drum....i used to play in a drum circle and i can keep a pretty cool beat going. thank you for not making me sing.

    I can understand you putting off the drs. visit for your eyes....we see so many drs., who wants to add to the list, not me.....

    how you feeling lately?
  7. LOL, aww bless you, ok i wont make you sing, il put you in in the background with a tambourine whilst i sing "oh happy days" OR "oh what a beautiful morning!", that sounds like fune to me got the eyes tested and yes i should of gone years ago, as a result of my lack of eyesight i need to wear them all the time ooops!
    she said she dont wanna give me full prescription until a year later that way my eyes would of got used to wearing them...anyway i chose a nice deep purple colour frames my brother chose them really i just nodded sayin hmm ok yeah lol, so where have you been hiding then last couple of days? in the corner? hmm come mrs tambourine lady we must go sing and cheer peeps up
  8. you know that i would do anything for you....and if you want me to sing, i will, but it will put both of us through misery and probably damage our ear drums.
  9. awe my friend, i promise you do not want me to sing to would just feel worse, and would probably make your eyesight even worse....i truly can't sing. what is going on with your eyes? Are you getting something done on Monday? I have been away for a few days, so i am behind on all of the news.

    anyway, whatever is going on, best of luck to you, and i will be sending special colorful angels so that you can see all of the colors....hooray
  10. Hola!
    im disapointed you would sing for me! whats that all about then?
    haha sorry not been online for a while but im ok ish now nearly got everything out the way, looking forward to be able to see leaves on trees and feet on birds by monday i will have my eye sight back wohooo!! seriously ive not had good eye sight in about well since i was 11 haha 30 now!! i kno its bad and i think its the reason for my migraines but all will be ok, i hope you are still smiling and skipping around the garden sowing your seeds ciao for now brown owl xxx
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