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  1. you lost me on that one....are you talking about the mahjong game? If so, i suck....can't do a thing with it....don't know how all of you scored so high. How are you doing? did you have a nice weekend?
  2. hahaha strange obsession tht game is!!!
    hows it going?
  3. thanks are you doing? how is the family?
  4. Hello my love
    how are you doing?
  5. Email sent hunni xxx
  6. hiya hun, hope your doing ok?

    can u mail me as soon as you get this message plz

    loads of love
  7. hi jane.....what a beautiful and festive cake....thanks.
  8. love the picture....i understand that lori has helpe you become the picture wiz....can't wait to see what all you come up with.....also, i had to laugh when i read your response to the thread about our usernames here.....i remember all that you went through, and i am so glad that you did not change anything.
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