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  1. Olla.......
  2. hello chickerooo
    how are you doing?
    only time i sorta see u these days is on ya farm lol xx
  3. hi jane....i am going to see the picture now....i have been out of town this weekend, and just got home...glad to be back.
  4. I got a pic up of her now, lol i dint realise she looks so big until i took the pic, hope you enjoy the pics xx
  5. awe, that is the cutest thing....i never thought about having a pet mouse, what a special lady that you are, icy-bar is lucky. Now my vision is of you stooping way over, and gently calling "icy-bar", and her sticking her little head out from under the furniture. How precious.
  6. LOL i think oluwa found it funny too when i told her i lost my rat, no i wont be getting any more rats, ive enjoyed having them as pets, yes she does come you can really train them too, icy-bar will have lots of loving from me every day she will be out roaming again til she is more happeir
  7. oh, i can just see you searching around your home for a rat....does she come when you call her name? ha ha ha. Will you get another one for icy-bar to play with? I did not realize that they are "usually paired animals." I have learned something new today. I smile again when i see you in my mind looking for icy-bar.
  8. Her name was Bais, it was orrigninally baileys but she responed better to bais, prenounced base, thts ok thanx, the other one is called icy-bar ive got to give her lots of attention as they are usaully paired animals, i took her out of her cage today and forgot about her, then lost her lol what fun looking for a rat, ive had them since 1st december 07 they only live up to 2 years so not too bad xx
  9. oh, not a good weekend.....the flu is really bad here, hope you and norma and mj get better really soon....i know it is probably not good for mj to get the flu, hope he is ok. so sorry about your "female rat" long have you had her? what was her name?
  10. Yeah sorry i didnt write what game,
    no not a good w/e my female rat dies on sunday, i came home from holiday to find her laying lifeless with blood coming from her nose then sunday she died...sad times, then monday i caught the flu so me mj and norma have all come down with it lol, thankfully its not the pig variety! im not too bad now was violently sick all day yesterday so was mj, now norma has come down with it, just a slight hiccup how was ure weekend? xx
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