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  1. hi kim

    that is wonderful news about your house and the wheelchair access. You did not deserve to live like you were, and it was not right that you had to fight for a better place. I am so happy that you have a better home now. For the first time ever, i am not cooking thanksgiving dinner. It is just too hard on my body, so i had to stop. I am feeling guilty, but i know that it is best for me. Sometimes it just makes me mad at how much lupus steals from our lives. I hope things get better for your kids, i know you worry about them.
  2. yes phyllis have new house with ramps and disabled access and shower recess with wheelchair access am using shower chair and walker now helps me get around i am on 5mg of folic acid a week no how you feel sometimes you just need time to self thankyou about your reply about family sorry took so long to reply to message but have brain fog sent your message to myself first hugs talk when you feel like hugs kim l
  3. hi kim, thanks for understanding my absence. sometimes, i just walk through the day, and don't really talk to many people. but, i have been doing some good, my friend had surgery, so i went and helped her for a couple of weeks. so sorry about your family. i am glad your son is getting help, i hope they can get him over these dependencies. so sorry about Mikaela....i was hopeing that the bullying had stopped, and that she had started enjoying her young life. oh, yug....another severe flare. are you taking folic acid? that can really help with the mouth sores.

    did you ever get moved to another home with a bath tub?
  4. hi phyllis glad to here from you my friend have missed you hope you are feeling well things not so good for my family right now my son had mental breakdown and is in rehab facility has trouble with alcohol and mental health so now i have 2 of them my youngest is also suffering depression due to bullying at school and they think she may have sleep disorder i am in terrible flare right now i have sores in my mouth severe fatigue headaches and pain having troubles but am used to it now enough about me how have you been my friend hope you recovered from gallstones and you are feeling better i was so worried about you i asked anyone had they heard from you i understand sometimes you just need a break and time on your own give your family my best from your aussie pal love and hugs kim l
  5. hi kim, thanks for checking on me. I have not been around very much lately, and really miss everyone. I hope you are doing ok. What is the latest with everyone in your home?
    i will try to do a better job of keeping in touch.
  6. hi phyllis just checking to see if you are alright my friend have not seen you on message boards for awhile hugs kim l
  7. dear phyllis just checking to see if you are alright my friend have not seen you on message board hope you are well you are in my thoughts love and hugs kim l
  8. hello phyllis just dropping you message to see if you are alright my friend have not seen you on message board for awhile i hope you are well i am always thinking of you love and hugs kim l
  9. dear phyllis hope you are feeling well sorry have not talked in awhile been sick with lung trouble be well my friend hugs kim l
  10. hello my dear friend have missed you a lot has not been the same not talking to you have been in bad place not talking much. having you in my life helps talk to you soon love and many hugs kim l
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