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  1. dear Phyllis hoping you are alright thinking of you my friend luv kim
  2. merry christmas phyllis have a wonderful day miss you my friend luv kim
  3. hi phyllis just wanting to say hello and hope you are doing okay luv and hugs kim l
  4. my dear friend i am just checking how you are i miss you hope you and family doing well luv kim
  5. thankyou phyllis just resting now. hope you are well luv kim
  6. hi kim, I hope all of you feel better very soon.
  7. hi phyllis sorry have not got back to you sorry we are all sick with respitory infections at moment . hope you and everyone is well luv kim
  8. awe....that was so sweet. I luv you too.
  9. i missed you to very much. sorry about the mtx hope the benalysta helps hope you feel better soon wish your family the best as well as the people you helped in tornado. you my friend are a very good kind hearted person and anyone around you is lucky . including me. luv kim
  10. hello wow, life continues to test you every day. I hope stephen is doing ok with his pacemaker. I am glad Mikaela is being home schooled....she did not deserve to be bullied. Keep me posted about Sarah I pray every day that someone finds a cure for this horrible disease. How are you doing?

    It was so horrible to see my home town destroyed by that tornado. So many people died, and many people lost every thing that they owned. Still a lot of damage, but things are getting better.

    I have also had to help my Dad with his business. I had to work really hard, and when I got home, I just went to bed. Things are better now, and I can stay home more often.

    I had a horrible reaction to the tore up my stomach. I could not eat, and I was in severe pain. I quit taking my meds because I could not keep them down. Then, my dr. took me off of the mtx, and the stomach problems stopped. I am going to start Benlysta soon, hope that works.

    I have missed you terribly.
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