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  1. Hi Kim; I can completely understand your fear and your anxiousness awaiting the results. Please consider that stress not only affects Lupus, it can also leave us susceptible to other diseases and can worsen other conditions. You must try to control your stress and alleviate your panic attacks. As my Oncologist told me "Even the worse news has treatment options". So, please do not worsen your condition with undue stress. Especially when, at this juncture, you have no definitive answers to stress about. Once you receive the results and/or diagnosis and if they do indicate something serious, you must then concentrate all of your energies on treatment and lifestyle changes in order to fight and win that battle. Stress and panic will only serve to hamper you in that fight and prevent you from doing what is necessary to win! Take a deep breath and know that, whatever it may be, you will work through it and conquer it!! You are not alone!
  2. thankyou for your words of encouragement it is the waiting that is depressing me the pap smear results are not back yet and all I keep on hearing in my head is that she found lesion on cervix it is scaring me bad I cannot sleep it is the only thing going through my mind everyday hoping the pap smear is negative. I am having panic attacks. I am glad you are starting to make progress with your healing my thoughts are with you. as well as my overwhelming gratitude that you would be thinking of me when you have your own issues thankyou for being my friend I am so lucky to have you. luv kim
  3. I continue to progress well in my recuperation. I know that I still have a long road ahead of me, but I am taking each step with grateful appreciation for where I am in that moment! {{{hugs}}}
  4. I am happy to be back my friend missed talking to you hope your recovery is getting better luv kim
  5. thank you i hope that your christmas is filled with love warm hugs
  6. have a wonderful christmas saysusie luv kim
  7. Thank You, Kim, for thinking of me and for your warm thoughts. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday and I am sending you warm hugs for you and your family.
  8. hello my friend just checking in see how you are doing hope you are having an okay day . and to wish you a happy christmas if we do not chat before then hugs .
  9. Thank you for checking in on me I am doing much better, thankfully. How are you? Warm hugs and thank you, again.
  10. carlotta just checking to say hello hope you doing fine hugs
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