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  1. merry christmas and have wonderful day luv kim
  2. thankyou for your support it has been wonderful i am extremely baffled why they are going to send him home same day i am worried about complications sorry i have not replied sooner i am in flare right now and my fingers are pushing all the wrong buttons will keep you informed luv kim
  3. hopefully in the next month but we are still worried he may have some valve issues as well when they admitted himto cardiac unit over night just before christmas they mentioned this so hopefully we may have some answers by the end of this week from heart specialist but pacemaker specialist does not come back until tuesday then we have to make appointment so i cannot see anything being done till end of february or until he ends up in emergency again which ever comes first and the way he is now i think it will be emergency. thankyou for caring i am struggling with worry hard for me to sleep worried he will not wake up hugs kim.
  4. No pacemaker, STILL? When will they put it in? I can't tell you how crazy this makes me. You must be the strongest woman on earth, and I am so sorry for both you and your husband that this is happening.
  5. hi gizmo husband not well has to have pacemaker he is tired now just from eating it is very stressful time . how have you been hope everything okay with you nice to here from you hugs
  6. Hi Kim. How is your husband? I have been gone so long that I can't find any posts. How are you holding up?
  7. How sweet of you to think of me, Kim, with all you are going through right now. My husband had a tumor in his pancreas about 10 years ago and I was a total basket case - and he had great doctors taking care of him. It blows my mind that your husband can't get the care he needs because the doctor is taking time off for the holidays. GRRRR.

    I hope YOU have a happy Christmas, in spite of all that is happening with your hubby and daughter. Thanks for the good wishes. Sending you the same.

    Gretchen (please don't use my real name in the public spaces)
  8. hello gizmo just checking to see how you are and to thankyou for all your kind support you have been giving me regarding my husband. and to wish you happy christmas if we do not get chance to talk before christmas hugs.
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