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  1. hi steve just catching up back from holidays early rained out and cold caused to much pain maybe next time i should come your way hope you are feeling well my friend hugs to you and your family your sydney mate kiml
  2. enjoy your holiday.

    may it be peaceful and restful.
  3. hi steve hope you are well and all your family i will be a away a couple of weeks on holiday we are going to narooma on south coast and to canberra to floriade take care hugs kiml
  4. hi steve hope things are well with you i am going away for a break for 2 weeks on tuesday sarah my daughter has now been put on plaquenil as well for her lupus take care wish all your family well if i do not speak to you before i go i will see you when i get back hugs kiml
  5. just touching base, to say hi.
    and wishing you well.
  6. dear steve thanks for letting us know how linda was i was worried, hope all your family getting better take care my friend hugs to you all kim l
  7. glad things looking up for you same as taking one day at a time dealing with stress and pain cannot do anything else that is our life deal with what ever comes the best way we can very cold over here so my pain is bad. many hugs to you and family kim l
  8. we are all doing well at the moment.
    cherie (my wife) has recovered well from the knee replacement - 7 weeks. she is going for her 2nd one in another 7 weeks.
    tamara (stepdaughter) has recovered well from her cancer operation. she is comming home to live in 11 sleeps, not that we are counting, much.
    everyone else is good.
    i am quite well. lupus is very stable, and fibro is bearable. i still cant do much before i fall apart. cutting lots of wood for the fire. only use chain saw for 5 minutes then have to rest.
    but i am not complaining.

    how are things in stress central?
  9. hi steve just checking in hope you and family doing okay hugs kim l
  10. thanks steve sarah been cleared of cancer not sure about mother inlaw my brother they believe may have serious problems needing heart doctor and kidney specialist, taking one day at time thankyou for caring my friend wish you and your family well hugs kim l
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