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  1. Hi Kim, nice to hear your doing ok, i'm the same as ususal mate but as the saying goes life carries

    The weather here as been lovely abit windy but no way am i sitting out in it, got a bad flare on the arms, body and legs but i'm seeing my dermo next week so hopefully new steriod creams to move it.

    Enjoy your sunday mate xxx
  2. hi terri doing alright how are you feeling hope you have good weekend hugs kim l
  3. Hello Kim,

    How you feeling now mate? i just hope your not suffering to much and enjoy your weekend the best you can.

    All my love mate xxx
  4. Hi Kim,
    I've done the message lark twice on my own profile and deleted them, i hope you ah got it to bad plus your flu is abit better, our immune systems dow help though with them, ste my hubby as a cold sore on his lip it's like keep a mile
    Kim thanks alot mate and you just take it steady and i really hope you flu goes soon plus have a lovely weekend mate.

    Love Terri xxx
  5. i am so sorry what you are going through terri i am sending you lots of hugs take care of yourself and hubby luv kim l . ps my brain fog has set in i sent this message to myself first
  6. Kim i am sorry to hear you've got the flu and i know that's a nightmare with the Lupus and i hope all goes well when you see your specialist.
    Refering gallstones my mom had that done years back she's dead now and 2yrs ago my hubby had it, they was going to do keyhole surgery but because he carries stomach weight, they ended up cutting him open plus a piece of fat was covering is gallbladder, then is scare went bad and took a long time to heal, besides myself finding this lot out i had alot of worry with my hubby heart op, then the gallbladder, then treatment for cancer cells on his liver they found he took some new treatment that came out on the market injections and tablets, christ he was all over the place and he's got to wait another 3mths to see how it's progressed, as the specialist as mentioned sending him to the QE in birmingham to be put on a liver transplant list, as the doctor says he's only got 5-10yrs the most.
    So it's happy living this end mate.
  7. terri hope you do not have gallstones not pleasant experience had them had to have them and gallbladder out hope you feel better soon seeing specialist at end of month have flu so not well hugs kim l
  8. Hello Kim,
    Went to the doctor's mate and told him how the plaquenil was affecting me, he's asked me to go another 2mths and at the end then he'll decide and so i'm going for it but just hope my manic depression dow take hold more.
    He felt my body as i've been having pain on my left side under my ribs, he said my body is tender inside so i've got to wait for an appointment for a scan and to also see if i've got Gall stones [Ah life pleasent mate lol]

    How are you feeling kim?? and when do you think you'll be able to see your specialist mate.

    Luv & hugs dear friend xxx
  9. Hi Kim,

    I know your not well mate but i always hope your abit better, i'm phoning my GP tomorrow to see him about the plaquenil and how it was affecting me, i'm still coming off it but my skin's got worse so i need to seek his advice.

    Thinking of you dearly mate xxx
  10. be well my friend and i hope the pain stops soon luv kiml
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