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  1. merry christmas and happy holiday tamy hugs kim l
  2. Hey Kim.
    Hope your well. I haven't been on for a while, and each time I do log on, something comes up, then I have to log right off again. Coincidently we are heading down to Sydney tomorrow morning, we will be staying at Darling Harbour, and visiting my sister in law who recently moved to live there. Hope the weather isn't too hot.
    Take care, and Happy New Year!
  3. dear tamy just checking in to see how you are hope you had good christmas it was a quiet one for me went to restaurant for lunch with my family. and i hope you have great new year hugs kiml
  4. Hi Kim
    Sorry to hear that your not feeling so well. Hopefully your sons birthday cheers you up a little. The weather here in Melbourne is still pretty cold. I think the warmest it's gotten to was about 25 degrees, but the last week, it's been ranging from 18-21 degrees. It's halfway through spring, and the heater is still pumping pretty hard. Melbourne's weather is pretty unpredictable, you guys get the nicer weather. It's always a little warmer in Sydney, than what it is in Melbourne. I was actually there not too long ago. Early august we took the kids to the Gold Coast, visited the theme parks, and stopped off at Sydney on the way home. We just spent a day there. Got an evening flight back home.
    Well...hope your enjoying your weekend, take care, and rest up.
  5. hi tamy how are you are you feeling better now how is the weather in melbourne it is really hot here in sydney hope you are having good weekend. today not so good for me very bloated due to fluid and in pain but thats the way it goes my sons birthday today he is 23 and had to do lots of cooking so that has not helped. well hope you are great and pain for today as we take one day at a time with this disease .hugs kim l
  6. hello tamy thankyou for your message it is good to hear from someone also from aussie land i am 44 have 3 children live in sydney my youngest is 14 i have been married for 25 years to wonderful man stephen was diagnosed last year with lupus and have struggled ever since nice to meet you hope to talk to you soon kim l
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