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  1. hi Kim! I am in a lot of pain atm. left lung/back area. I really need to call my chiro b/c she can usually help me alleviate the pain. This weekend was a total wash for me. Very low energy. Slept almost all of Saturday away. Still slept long into Sunday morning. Most exciting thing I did was my laundry and change of the linens. oooooohhhhhh exciting. Top it off - psoriasis flares are begining and this year it's my palms not looking so good - a problem since that is an area that is constantly in motion and that makes the skin unable to properly heal. How are you my friend? Is already hot down there? I always forget our seasons are opposite.
  2. hi sandy how are you hope you are well extremely hot here today and will be worst tomorrow having trouble functioning in this heat but thats the joys of living in australia jave great day be well my friend hugs kim l
  3. Hi Kim!!!!! How are you? I'm sorry I haven't been around much to see how things are with you but you have been on my thoughts and in my prayers.
  4. yes still battling cough . hope your physical goes well hugs kim l
  5. thanks for asking! I am doing well. tomorrow I have a physical. UGH! How was your weekend? Are you still battling that cough?
  6. dear sandy just checking in to see how you are my friend thankyou for your kind thoughts and words it is always great to talk to you talk to you soon kim l
  7. hey there! just checkin in. I started a thread to you but haven't seen a response yet. I hope you are well and all is ok.
  8. Hi Kim! How are you doing? Did you move yet?
  9. dear sandy sorry to hear you are having problems with lesions hope you are feeling better soon my friend. my moving is stalled again we though we would move in this weekend but they are still getting house prepared hopefully next week should get keys on monday hopefully. was in emergency department myself this week have protein in urine and was experiencing heavy bleeding i have now been told have fibroids they thought i was going to have to have blood transfusion but have decided to wait and see if i get worse am very weak right now will neeed operation to remove them and maybe hysterectomy just told me if i get worse come back to emergency. thankyou my friend sorry i have not been talking much this week thinking of you always love and hugs kim l
  10. Hi Kim! How is the move coming along? How are you and your family doing? I am ok. Had the CT Scan, need to go for more tests as there are lessions showing on my thyroid now.
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