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  1. merry christmas sandy have a wondeful day luv kim
  2. hi sandy just checking you are okay my friend and to wish yoiu christmas cheer hugs.
  3. hi sandy just checking in have not heard from you for while hope you are okay my friend many hugs kiml
  4. hi sandy good to hear from you my friend sorry you have been stressed know what that is like well had flu injections yesterday , rheumi says i am flaring which really bugs me as i had a couple of months with less pain sarah sick with virus and i am now homeschooling mikaela well that is my news hope you feel better soon my friend and stress less hugs kim l
  5. *knock, knock* How are you? Just stopping by for a quick visit to see that all is well or if things are still rough. Sorry I haven't had a chance to visit sooner. Been dealing with a lot of stress here but wanted to take a minute and let you know I was thinking of you. xoxo Sandy
  6. glad you had good time at wedding and thereis nothing wrong with sleeping in i did it myself today yes still in flare take care of yourseld hugs kim l
  7. Hi Kim! The wedding was fantastic. The bride and groom seemed to really enjoy themselves. Everyone had a good time. My feet did hurt. I brought a pair of flats with me to switch too but they were strappy and that wasn't good since my feet were already all swelled. Still, they were better than the heels. Next time I'm bringing flats without straps. Yesterday I slept in almost until 1:30 in the afternoon. I guess I really needed it. Woke up achy but not swollen. Relaxed. Did some light house cleaning. Crocheted about 10 more rows of my blanket -1/2 way done! You can see the progress on FB. Then did a little laundry. I ate light yesterday too and all together it helped. How about you? How was your weekend? How are you feeling? Still flaring?
  8. Dear sandy enjoy wedding hope your feet don,t ache to much wish i could crochet or knit but am not very good at these things luckly both my daughters did not inherit it from me its funny but there father taught them to do it he is very handy at these things look after yourself my friend luv kim l
  9. Boy. You have really had a run of it. I hope this homeschooling will help you and Mikaela to come out of stress flares. I hope Josh is doing well at rehab. Such a hard thing to watch someone do. I have a friend who just came out. I don't think they are doing what they are supposed to be - 90 meetings in 90 days and all - and I'm pretty sure they might still be using. Rough all the way around. Are they still running tests on Sarah? Or was it Mikaela? And how's Stephen? As for me, I'm doing ok. Swollen and painful joints at the moment. We got an April Fool's snow flurry today which just has me aching all over. I have my boss' wedding tomorrow so today I wore my sneakers (trainers) to work because when I'm like this even my flats will swell my ankles up. Other than that, I'm doing pretty well. No signs of Sarc spreading. No signs of Sjogren's - just had the eye doc check for that since I do have dry eyes/mouth. Working on a blanket - my first crochet project.
  10. hi sandy things not so good pulled mikaela out of school am going to homeschool further bullying mikaela goes to the same school that was on television lately where that kid picked up the other kid and threw after being bullied, sarah is taking seizures due to stress, josh still in rehab and i am flaring at the moment but enough about me how are you doing hope you are feeling alright my friend and wish you a wonderful day hugs kim l
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