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  1. hi phyllis just checking in to see how you are doing hope you are feeling well my good friend have a wonderful day hugs love kim l
  2. hi kim, thanks for the message. I lovt shitzu pups, they are precious and so loving. My little Roscoe is a Yorky, and he is 10 years old. He is my best friend. So sorry about the swelling. I do not know what causes some days to be so much worse. Sometimes my ankles look normal, and then the next day they will be so swollen that you can't even see them. What a shame that it happened on your weigh=in day. Oh, well, next week, you will show a lot of weight loss, so hang in there. I am so proud of have faced so many obstacles, and so much heartache, and you continue to overcome each of these interferences. I hope Mikaela (sp) is doing ok, have you heard anything else from the dr. Take care my friend, and keep in touch.
  3. hi phyllis just checking in to see how you are hope you feeling well. i am extremely bloated today with fluid which does not help today is weigh in day at weight watchers and i only showed a 0.1 loss because of fluid. it is hot here and my pain is bad. also wanted to tell you i have 2 dogs both shitzu gemma, and scruffy. be well my friend and have a wonderful day hugs kim l
  4. hi its kim l thankyou for your kind words about mikaela i have sent you are friends request because you have become a good friend to over these months i am so grateful to have you to talk to you have helped me so much my friend thank you
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