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  1. hello my dear friend i have missed you to and thought of you often worried if you were alright. sorry about the tornado and your lupus flaring both mine and sarahs is to she is being tested for ms now because she is losing her sight my youngest mikaela is still being homeschooled and has depression. and stephen had a pacemaker fitted 2 months ago he has been very unwell and nearly died at christmas. you my fiend are such a caring person helping everyone but please remember to take care of you. would love to chat soon luv kim
  2. hi lady. I have missed you so much. I have had a crazy year of cleaning up in tuscaloosa after the tornado, trying to help my Dad with the family business, and trying to cope with all of the new lupie stuff. How are you and your daughters and husband? I have thought of you so many times, and am so happy to be back in touch. Let's chat soon.
  3. hi phyllis it is good to have you back my friend i have wondering how you are i have missed chatting to you . hope we can talk soon luv kim
  4. dear phyllis just checking to see how you are my dear friend and to wish you and your family merry christmas hugs.
  5. hi phyllis miss you just checking in to see you okay
  6. hi phyllis just checking in to see how you are doing thankyou for your message about sarah she will be seeing lots of specialist hope you are feeling better miss talking to you my friend always seem to miss you on chatline hopefully we can catch up soon love and hugs kim l
  7. thanks phyllis it is a bit hard at the moment with my son and yester day got more bad news he has start of emphsema because of smoking he got sick yesterday and we had to watch him for 24 hours that meant i had to send my daughter away for the night with family because of his violent tendancies sometimes i just feel like screaming today we have to take him to phycologist tommorrow to gambing councellor and friday to alcohol councellor and also tommorrow gp visit so we will be running around all week and i am very sick right now would just liike to stay in bed hugs kim l i hope you are lright my friend and things are alright for you and your family always thinking of you
  8. merry christmas my dear friend have a wonderful happy holiday love and hugs kim l
  9. hi phyllis how are you my friend hope you are feeling well love kim l
  10. thanks phyllis am happy about house and do worry about kids i know how you feel about lupus stealing so much from us i hate that i cannot do the big family christmas lunch i used to do for the family. well maybe it will be good if someone can cook for you this year and pamper you a bit you deserve it, just try to have a good day my friend and have one day not thinking about this dreadful rotten disease there will be plenty of other thanksgivings where you will feel well enough again to cook for your family love and hugs your friend kim l
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