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  1. hey there...sorry its been SO long...feel free to email me anytime at ....I haven't been on here due to relationship status changes, etc. i hope you are doing ok! *hugs* -Britt
  2. hi just checking in to see how you are doing and to wish you merry christmas hugs .
  3. I'm sorry to hear your news was not good. I hope that you get to feeling better quickly. I know how you feel about the memory...I have been having bad brain fog lately and the Lyrica she put me on at night is not helping! It makes me feel even more lupie....
  4. nice to hear from you glad you are feeling better i also went for rheumi appointment my last bloods were not good and lupus is affecting my memory bad but that comes with the territory be well my new friend hugs kiml
  5. Hey Kim,
    That's okay, I am glad to report I am feeling better at least at present. Have a few posts I'm putting up from my Rheumy appt yesterday if you want to check them out. Hope you are well! *hugs* -Britt
  6. hi britnee sorry you have mouth ulcers i know how that feels it can be quite painful hope you feel better soon hugs
  7. Hey there. I figured that it might be due to the time zones. Ah well at least we have messages right! lol Thanks and hope you are feeling well. I have a bunch of mouth ulcers causing my face to hurt and my lymph nodes to swell. ugh. Makes my whole face throb at night when I try to sleep. BLAH. Take care and talk soon. -Brittanee
  8. hi mommy of one i am sorry no one is on chat when you are there sometimes it is just our different times zones if you need to chat you can pm me anytime
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