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  1. Sending you some much needed hugs and love xx
  2. Hey Larz
    Sorry to hear you have had a bad year, i think we all have by the sounds of things, yeah its good to try out all of them some i like more than others....others like you i cant get to work either, but hey ho theres plenty more.

    btw i dont think Stoney is out to get ure crowns lol she told me she likes to try them all too she goes for the games she likes the look of and u just so happen to be the title holder hehe, hope you get some releif of ure problems x
  3. 8 Ball do i get it working? it wont let me play, i get as far as pulling the cue back then ???? x
  4. hmmmm lol as long as ure enjoying yaself.....i guess i can let you off! hava good day xx
  5. i heard you can get pills for this obsession you have!!
  6. hey Larz loving your pic btw
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