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  1. Hey you, just popping in to see how you are. You've been on my mind and I just wanted to check in on you. Warm hugs filled with loving cheek kisses my friend!
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH Carlotta. You touched me and made me feel a bit better. Things are still up and down with her right now.The vet gave her meds and said we arent "hurting her" by "waiting I gues you could say. Shes not in pain he believes and is still as perky as she can be considering.All 3 are old. I KNOW it happens BUT it doesnt make it any easier. AWWWWW, SAD about Lexie. BUT, as you said SHE is with her LAURI now. SWEET. Its nice to know she "went" in her sleep.PEACEFUL...Hope you are OK DEAR FRIEND. Please take care of YOU and talk later gator...LOVE YOU SO MUCH Carlotta XXXOOO
  3. Hi Sweetie; I am sorry that you, too, are having a difficult time with "IT". I completely understand how you feel about the loss of your "furry baby". When Lauri passed, we took her cat home with us. Her name was "Lexie" and she was the most loving, sweet, well mannered cat. I often told people that, if they hated cats, Lexie would make them love cats.
    We came home from vacation last month and found that she had curled up, gone to sleep and passed away. I was soooo devastated! She was 15yrs old and had lived a good life. My only consolation was that sweet Lexie was now with sweet Lauri!
    I know that this just renews pain for you and it must make you so very sad. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be. Just know that I am sending you my thoughts and prayers as well as a loving cyber hug filled with understanding and compassion. All of my love my sweet friend
  4. Hi CARLOTTA!!! Gosh I MISS YOU.....SORRY YOU have had a rough time of "IT" lately dear friend...Hope its a bit better for you...Im dealing with one of my 3 "furry babies" dying now along with some pretty BAD flares.....Its so UPSETTING to see her slowly drifting away from us..UGH...Its also making papas death FRESH all over again from the day we found his body....PAIN PAIN PAIN.....Calli (my furry baby) just looks at me with this "LONGING FOR HER MOMMY to make her BETTER" look....OMG Carlotta, AHHHHHHHHHHH....I am starting sessions with a new therapist though..She seems very EMPATHETIC and SYMPATHETIC to my NEEDS...I will share more later..Im drained..LOVE to YOU CARLOTTA...XXXXOOOO
  5. Hi There..Thank you for always thinking of me. I, too, have been very ill and away for several weeks. I am finally back on my feet.
    I pray that you are feeling better and that the stresses of your life are easing. You are in my heart always
  6. LOVE YOU CARLOTTA.....Hope you are well....The family too of course...I have much going on in my life right now that is very overwhelming along with being very ill...otherwise I would be around more....MISS YOU! XXXOOO
  7. Hi Sweetheart! I am sorry to hear that things continue to be difficult for you. You are always in my thoughts. I am praying that you get some relief and find a way to enjoy this holiday season. Warm hugs, cheek kisses, and love to you, my friend.
  8. Loving YOU and THINKING of YOU all the time Carlotta! Ive had some rough months and TODAY even rougher BUT, wanted to pop in to say HELLO.... Hope all is well with YOU and the family dear FRIEND...LOVE and HUGS XXXOOO
  9. Hope you are finding some peace today. I know that it is so very difficult and will be so for a while. Try not to be hard on yourself and let yourself feel whatever you need to feel.
    Have you found a new therapist yet? I hope that you are able to find one who is interested in giving you what you need in order to help you.
    Warmest hugs
  10. Hello beautiful friend...Oh how I needed your words Carlotta.I am in such a BAD WAY about papa..I am so HAPPY to HEAR what you wrote me.THANK YOU.I HAVE to find a therapist who GETS ME..And YES I too have had to let go of friendships since he died. im so DRAINED and OVERWHELMED..THANK YOU for your understanding and your friendship unconditionally..LOVE YOU SO MUCH..Jeannette XXXOOO
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