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  1. March 15, 2009

    Hey Guyss!!
    so today was my methotrexate day. i take it every sunday... hate making my amount of pills 14! but its for the best i guess. haha
    today was a nice warm day. so i actually went out and rode my bike! a first in like a year! and it felt good to do it and not be sore. although i had to take some breaks to catch my breath. i hate how i get so winded so fast anymore! but we'll find out why that happens when i see the pulmonologist on weds.
    i went shopping too!
  2. I'm Bored

    When I start feeling bored it sometimes means I am feeling better. I hope it does. Tomorrow after my bleeding I am going to go to Watercanyon. No matter what. I'm going. Unless I have a bad experience at the hospital, I am going to go. I'll take my little netbook and enjoy myself.

    I remember one awesome night I made friends with some really cool folks and we were all playing cards. It was one of those nights you hope you can do again, but I didn't. I was always too tired, or too? ...
  3. My New Cool Vest

    Today was a good day! Today I wore my cool vest for the first time. It was great! It was 74 outside, but going in to stores where it is warmer really wears me out. By the time I have walked through the grocery store and am standing in line I am usually overheated, sweating, feeling like I will collapse if I must take one more step. Today was DIFFERENT!

    The cool vest lowered my body temperature well. I have to force myself to go out because I know how bad I will be feeling. That seems ...
  4. 3-14-09 -->SATs are done!!

    so i took my SATs today...wasnt really too bad. but i guess i'll see if i really did good when my scores come in next month lol.
    everybody is celebrating St Patty's Day...even though i believe its tuesday...
    im sad i missed the parade :[
    oh well, theres always next year!
    im going to go play on the Wii.
    i love that thing ! its a game, yet its excersise too!!
    have a good night guyss!!

  5. The Many Shades of Lupus

    On a spectrum of black and white, lupus can own every microscopic degree of change from the brightest white, to the darkest black. Some days lupus lives with me in a spectacular bright white Light. Light illuminates my soul and touches those around me with love, joy and peace.

    The changes can come ever so slowly, so slow they sneak up on me like a child tip toeing behind its mother to surprise her with "GOTCHA." Only with lupus there are never any giggles when I realize ...
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