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  1. I (Don't Really) Miss My Pre-Lupus Shoes

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ID:	4797Do you remember the stiletto heels? You know...way back before we had Lupus and our feet could handle the torture? I do too. But after writing this post, I feel so much better! Hope it helps you too!! Click to read "Lupus Shoes"
  2. waking up really hot

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    I am not currently on prednisone nor do I feel like I'm flaring but for the last two weeks I'm waking up on fire, not sweaty, just really really hot. In the past, when I'm flaring I will wake up with horrible night sweats but I'm not sweaty, just burning hot. I am 44, so I thought maybe perimenpause but sometimes it i don't know what to say could be lupus and what's not. Anyone else experience this?


  3. diagnosed today

    Today I went to the neuro thinking we were just gonna over the RA and Lyme again and see what other options there were. But today they sat me down and said I have lupus. This was a bittersweet diagnosis. I now know why I can barely move some days but the severity of the condition is devastating I thought this pain was going to just be something very treatable but I now find that I will learn to live with it that life will be different now and some of the pain may subside if i do not have an active ...
  4. It's Official. I Don't Have Lupus. I Am A Vampire.

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    Click HERE to see how I have UNdiagnosed my Lupus!! No Lupus and Immortality? Awesome!
  5. So You Have Lupus. What Are You Going To Do About It?

    Ever since I was diagnosed with Lupus 2 years ago, I have had people who are newly diagnosed (or suspecting that their symptoms are Lupus without confirmation yet) ask me how to deal with having the disease. Instead of rewriting it all here, I am directing you to today's post on my blog titled, "So You Have Lupus. What Are You Going To Do About It?" Click HERE if you are interested in reading it. Warning...I tend to be blunt when I communicate. =)
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