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  1. 4:10am

    I remembered tonight that I have this place to come and let my hair down. I have been very active on Facebook and have seen some of the members of there. I also have my online business on another site and it has been surpassing my wildest dreams lately. I have had orders coming faster than I can get the stuff packed and shipped. Which brings me here, where I can share without having a negative impact on my buyers who may also connect with me on Facebook.

    I have been ...
  2. Sick and I don't know why

    Alright. I don't think it has anything to do with Lupus, but it gives me flares so I'm not sure.

    Before I start, I missed my antidepressents for a few days and my OCD meds for 3 days. Missed about a week before, and had no ill symptoms, just down days. Trying to keep the fact that I don't feel well from the others here. I'm not home, so I can't go see a doctor, and I don't want to bother everyone else here again.

    Here it goes:
    For the past several months, I've ...
  3. Infected Skin Ulcer

    Quote Originally Posted by wrightrs View Post
    Not feeling well. I have rashes no energy, leg pains etc. Don't have time to go to the doctor. Plus the last time I went it didn't go well, because when I called about a problem he told me to see my PCP. I called my PCP and they told me to go to my rheumy. So after going back and forth I got upset. I want to find a new rheumy. But not many here to chose from. But I have this sore on my stomach. He called it a ulcer. It is infected. I took antibiotics. But it's no better. Not sure if it's from Lupus.
  4. :*(

    Okay my blogs don't measure up to Oberata's blogs by any means, but I need to vent. I don't even care if nobody reads it, this is like my online journal and it's helping me keep my sanity.

    This month, my hot firefighter, (as some call him on here), and I have been together a year. It's been the best year of my life and he's the first guy I've dated that truly cares about me and supports me in my decisions and helps me when I'm down and sick. This has been the only good thing in my ...
  5. 40 - It's the New 80!

    Posted on my blog at on 1/11/10
    More Friction Writing by me, courtesy of Lupus. Enjoy more laughs at my expense, you lushes!

    With all due respect to John Fogerty, the Old Man isnít Down The Road. Heís actually right here, roasting weenies in my living room.

    No. Thatís way too cute. Indulge me a writerís do-over, because I hate this son-of-a-bitch.

    Itís more like Terminator 2 Ė remember? Ė when that slick, non-Arnold, ...
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