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  1. Tough day

    Today, I find myself struggling with a very bad flare. It is getting every inch of my body today. I have not slept much in 4 nights. This is wearing on me. I am trying to rest and take things easy, but it is hard for me. The pain today is enough to not want to increase the level to off the charts! I was encouraged by my husband to start writing the things I experience down. This way I can track how I am doing. I have found it difficult to find a doctor who will see what I am going through. My symptoms ...
  2. Patient's Role in Lupus Treatment

    Hi, I haven't posted on this site for a while, but thought this post might be helpful to some who are struggling with difficult treatment decisions. As is usually the case with my blogs, I copied this one from my own website:

    Lupus Patient Compliance

    Figuring out why treatment works with one lupus patient and not another is a critical challenge for researchers. Different manifestations of lupus vary in their response to treatment protocols; ethnic background also seems ...
  3. Hello Family

    I know many of you have been wondering about my absence, so I thought that I would pop in to write this blog to share with all of you. Right now, I am facing a challenge as I've been diagnosed with breast cancer. This diagnosis has been an upheaval in my life and a traumatic one for all of my family and friends. As you can imagine, I have not been able to function properly since the diagnosis. As such, I have not been here because I felt so useless and unable to provide much support, comfort, ...
  4. the REAL cost of Lupus

    What do I mean by the real cost?
    Lupus costs in every way!

    Lupus causes us many difficulties.
    Lupus causes us many hard ships.
    Lupus causes our health to fail.

    All of these things are a cost of having Lupus.
    These are not what I am referring to.

    As humans we identify people by there traits and personalities.
    We say this is a kind old woman,
    Or he is a grumpy old may.
    Even she is a busy body.
    These traits make ...
  5. Steroid Information

    I came across two articles that had a lot of information about steroid use, including dose equivalents, drug interactions and potential for adrenal suppression.

    One of the sources (Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of the Adult Patient, 6th Edition Chapter 105, Glucocorticoid Therapy) can be found at

    For the other source (Chapter 14-Glucocorticoid Therapy and ...
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