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  1. I haven't got time for the pain...

    This time of year is always hard on me. I seem to get flair-ups in the winter months. I'm not sure if it's the cold or the lack of sunshine, but it always happens. I read somewhere that I should journal my pain, keeping track so when I visit my rheumatologist I can share the information. So, I decided to start journaling in the mornings and write down how I felt each morning. That was an eye-opener! It was so depressing to read! Now, even though I have had lupus for over 20 years, I usually don't ...
  2. Eeyore Days Part 2

    Where do I begin and how do I say this. I don't know if it's selfish or not. We had a beautiful day today no problems at all, then I made the simple mistake of going into the kitchen, Mom walked away and left me there to watch over what was on the stove. According to her I took it off the stove too soon and dinner wasn't hot enough to suit her. Mind you the food has to be hot the plates warmed and everything on the table at six. She then proceeds to spent the entire evening harping on everything ...
  3. Pain

    what meds are good for sever pain.. Tylonol doesnt seem to work at times...I cant take asprin because its a blood thinner.... Naproxin interferes with another med so i cant take that and i dk what else to take - inpain and unhappy
    Body pain
  4. Here I go again

    Well, here I go again. I've been in Florida since April, I finally got the insurance stuff straightened out and am running low on meds. Now I have to tackle new docs. I'm trying to put together my med history and med list. Googled docs and I'm ready to start calling.

    I feel ok, hardly any pain, but my stress levels are back through the roof. My Mother's mind is going and I have to deal with outbursts now.

    I'm caretaker now 24/7, but I get an hour or two to myself ...
  5. Need some advise on Disability

    Quote Originally Posted by Creekbank View Post

    Thank you for the valuable information. I am starting my claim for disability and I know it will be a long road ahead. Do you think I should get a lawyer right way or wait until denied the first time?

    I don't have any documentation that says SLE, but have been to 3 doctors regarding the symptoms I have. I am on the way to Hershey Medical Rheumatology in October. I try to remain hopeful they can help me. I am declining rather quickly in my health and that appt.
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