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  1. bad shopping day

    Decided to take a day for myself and go shopping. Well that didn't last long the lights in the store brought on a red burning face and then here came the headache. Had to get out of there fast. It has got worse since I had to stop the plaquenil for 3 weeks do to ringing in my ears. Need to start it up again ears still ringing I thing it is the lupus making them ring not the med. or they would have sopped after 3 weeks of no meds.I think the red burning on my face is getting worse. I am really worried ...
  2. Just out of the blue- had a melt down today!!

    It never gets easier. Today was the lowest as far as letting myself cry over pain,just for know reason. Don't like not being somewhat in control. The days take to long. By bed time I'm not able to sleep sound. Had 3 mini-strokes today. While in WalMart. Got home asp. Very limp tonight. Hope I'm making sense. Well I'll say good-night to all my new friends and many more I hope. Bless us all. Donna
  3. im finally posting

    Hello everyone Im not one to post (actually i think i only posted once)but i felt like talking so what the heck. Last year was tough lots of flares er visits , surgery and coping with depression and all the other crap that comes with this illness. This year so far more flares needing IV solu-medrol (500mg ) palm of my hands especially the right hand was extremely dry peeling and felt like sandpaper and would turn red as a tomato and white. It didnt look right, anyway saw the dermatologist and he ...
  4. I refuse to let Lupus own my memories!

    Today I was out and about, actually feeling pretty good. I hate being as weak as I am these days but I felt inspired to dust off the treadmill and start working out tomorrow. I love to work out and I love to be strong. Undoubtedly I'll be sick again before I can get very far but it might be worth a start.

    I started thinking, "I don't want this part of my life to be my "loudest" memories." I have to say, a lot of life-changing things have taken place in a very ...
  5. The Find

    Things fall apart
    at the slightest touch
    New words cannot be found
    only the old, looping
    round and around.

    Insanity can be found
    and here.

    Pain, of course,

    Reading Rilke,
    I try to breathe
    but am drowned
    in his sea of beauty.

    His sea, mind,
    not mine,
    And for the first time
    I find myself

    - Shaista ...
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