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  1. It's Official. I Don't Have Lupus. I Am A Vampire.

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    Click HERE to see how I have UNdiagnosed my Lupus!! No Lupus and Immortality? Awesome!
  2. So You Have Lupus. What Are You Going To Do About It?

    Ever since I was diagnosed with Lupus 2 years ago, I have had people who are newly diagnosed (or suspecting that their symptoms are Lupus without confirmation yet) ask me how to deal with having the disease. Instead of rewriting it all here, I am directing you to today's post on my blog titled, "So You Have Lupus. What Are You Going To Do About It?" Click HERE if you are interested in reading it. Warning...I tend to be blunt when I communicate. =)
  3. Hello!

    Hello everyone!

    I'm Ali and I'm new to We Have Lupus. I wanted to say hello to everyone. I've been dealing with the lupus pretty much on my own, and I would like to become more involved with others who know what it's like to deal with this ... have a few laughs ... lend support ... seek support ...

    Warmest wishes to you all!
  4. Lupus: My Blessing In Disguise

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    Can Lupus be a blessing? I think sometimes it can. Click HERE to see how.
  5. Ugh im in a foul mood and dont know why....

    So I'm in a funk, with a headache and just been pissy for 2 days now. I have no ideaa why and my joint pain is much better but I'm just ready to fight with anyone who get near me??!! Ridiculous! I was thinking that it could possibly be hormonal but since I use a Nuvaring continuously and don't have a monthly cycle I'm not sure how the hormonal/PMS symptoms are working now. Argh this sucks and all I want to do is take a nap! On a lighter note; I hope that everyone has a stress and pain free day. ...
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