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  1. self massage for tension/tender spots

    Here are some simple little tricks I picked up a few years ago that have ended up being a life saver for neck/shoulder, low back, & foot pain.

    Take 1-2 tennis balls and put them in a tube sock, tying off the sock close to the balls but not so tight they won't move. Then sit or stand with your back against a hard surface. Hold the empty end of the sock in your hand and drop the ball end between your shoulder & the wall, adjusting until you feel the "right" spot, ...
  2. Exercise Is Helping Me!

    I hope this entry finds you feeling well!!

    I have decided that when I am in pain, rather than resting and becoming less active, I need to GET active. I began a 4 week challenge in discipline and I have to say that a reduction in my Lupus symptoms is a benefit that I never expected! Check out my link HERE and the follow-up ones HERE and HERE....and HERE. =)
  3. Newton's First Law Of Motion Applies To Us Every Day!!!

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    I made my neck pain go away yesterday!!!! Click HERE to see how!
  4. I (Don't Really) Miss My Pre-Lupus Shoes

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ID:	4797Do you remember the stiletto heels? You know...way back before we had Lupus and our feet could handle the torture? I do too. But after writing this post, I feel so much better! Hope it helps you too!! Click to read "Lupus Shoes"
  5. waking up really hot

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    I am not currently on prednisone nor do I feel like I'm flaring but for the last two weeks I'm waking up on fire, not sweaty, just really really hot. In the past, when I'm flaring I will wake up with horrible night sweats but I'm not sweaty, just burning hot. I am 44, so I thought maybe perimenpause but sometimes it i don't know what to say could be lupus and what's not. Anyone else experience this?


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