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    Moonbeam I can so understand and sympathize. Today seems to be a good day for us. I walked this morning and had time with just me. Of course my mind went where I didn't want to to go. Trying to start writing again, just need an idea and will go from there.

    Hugs for you my friend, and many thanks
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    My parents were the same way. They would not leave their house. Then they got to the point that they couldn't physically leave. That is when my brother had to put them in a home. My mom was so bad with Alzheimer's, she fought me on everything too. Dad tried to intervene, but he was too sick to do much good. He had the patience of Job with mom. Much more patience than I had. It was a sad situation.
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    Moonbeam thanks, there is no one here where we are and they won't leave. My family is all up north, this is my parents world and they don't want to or are afraid to leave it. My father says when he dies then I can take mother north. But the way things are going, I just don't know.

    My sister has condescended to come once a year. To visit, I leave for a break. Maybe I'm being to hard on her as she does live in Spain. I'm just at a low point right now, missing family and friends. Dealing with my Mother's deteriorating mind is the hardest. Things were better before she had to start all the meds and the hospital stays. The hospital broke her mind this last time. All she does now is fight me on most everything. Daddy try's to help, but ends up losing his temper too. They are just old and having trouble adjusting to their loss of independence.

    Something I won't have a problem with, as I've never really had any.
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    Don't let your parents get to you, Nonna. You know you are not ignorant. Try to get a breather, even if it is only going outside for a few moments. Are you ever able to get away for a little while? No one can do this caregiving 24/7. I hope you have some help. Feel free to contact me at anytime for online support.
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    Nonna, I went through this with my Mom and Dad before they went into assisted living. Mom had Alzheimer's really bad. She was a nightmare. Poor thing. She was in bad shape. I used to snap at her too. We would get into it. My poor dad was left in the middle. They both knew I loved them terribly though. We were family and all would be forgiven. Now I just miss them and remember the good times we had before Mom got mentally sick and Dad got physically sick with cancer. They both passed a few years ago. It was both a relief and not a relief at the same time. Nobody knows what this is like until they go through it themselves. It isn't pretty.
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    Well, my sister finally showed up to visit and stay with my parents. I took off for my son's house for some time and then went to my daughters. Rested I've now returned.

    Mother is better physically, mentally is another story. One of my friends told me about Sharon Sala, I think that's her name on Facebook. She deals with her mother and calls her Little Mama. She tells funny stories that make me feel better. I think maybe I can find the humor in some of the situations that happen, but so far I just have the Italian restaurant story

    We're at the table and I ask Mother what she wants to order. She tells me what do I usually get? Cheese Ravioli Mom. Ok that's what I want. We order and five minutes later.... What am I going to eat? Cheese Ravioli Mom............five minutes later........ What am I going to eat? Cheese Ravioli Mom. This went on until our plates arrived. Mom: What's this? Cheese ravioli Mom. The surprising thing out of all this was that she ate all but one, usually she eats only3 or 4.

    Well now that she feels better, she moves rapidly around the house. Forgetting her crane or walker. She fell again while I was gone, so I have to watch her like a hawk. She doesn't like that and is giving me nasty looks. So here I go back, hoping the rest of this year goes better than the first 3 months.

    Needing good thoughts and hugs
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    I so agree, but the older we get the harder it is to push through the pain