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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonna
    LovedbyHim, you are loved by Him, hugs
    Tomorrow I get a spinal tap because I continue to have slurred speech, dizziness and confusion! Rest my friends!
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    LovedbyHim, you are loved by Him, hugs
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    Well I was recently under extreme stress and kept doing all I felt I needed to do to help everyone, and I am hospitalized with stroke like symptoms due to thick blood causing a hemiplegic migraine syndrome. I need a lot of PT, OT, and speech. I feel like I was run over by a truck. Please listen to your body. I did not and can't even go home by myself now. Now someone needs to take care of me!:-(
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    Thanks Moonbean I know I did the right thing, but still feel guilty at times
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    I am confident you did the right thing by putting them in assisted living. You sound like you could not go on the way it was. Of course, for them, it will not be like when they were living in their home, but they will adjust. Maybe they will not always like assisted living, but there are a lot of things in life we don't always like, but we have to put up with these things anyway.
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    Mother and Daddy are now in assisted living and I am back home in Georgia. Life seems to be getting easier for me. But sometimes I wonder.

    Lovedbyhim, wonderful to hear from you
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    Hi Nonna do you remember me? I was to hike the AT trail. Nonna I have had to put my dad in a nursing home because he was too much for me to handle and keep a job and roof over my head. You are a good girl even if you can't carry the load. Love yourself and accept your limitations. My dad is doing much better there, as he gets to flirt with the girls! That was a bonus!