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    Not having much luck trying to repair my credit. Went to a firm online, but they were worthless. They just want to take your money every month and when it comes to getting the creditors to respond to the letters sent to them, they won't take legal action. They charged $100 a month for nothing! What a rip-off! After 3 months I fired them. In the meantime, my credit got worse, not better, because of establishing new credit. Wish I could name the firm, but don't want to get sued.
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    I am glad I make you feel better. I have been nicknamed Pollyanna by another friend. He wanted to do himself in, but he said I gave him the strength to go on living. I never see myself as a cheerleader though. I just tell it as I see it!
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    Nonna, I was right where you are. It got to the point that I couldn't care for my mom and dad either. My brother and dad decided that assisted living was the best alternative for us. It took a lot of stress off of me, assisted living. I could go and see them and then I could leave and go home. My dad was in and out of the hospital at least 7 times before he went into assisted living. The Drs. then came to the assisted living facility and when dad went on hospice, the help came to the assisted living facility. I hurt my back, pulled a muscle trying to bath mom when they were living at home. As you know they both passed away a few years ago. The fact that they are gone never ends, the grief is always there.