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  1. SandyR's Avatar
    sounds like the CA DMV is just as good as the NY DMV. smh
  2. DrinkofWtr's Avatar
    Well I sent the letter to the owner and low and behold he reimbursed me for almost all of my deposit, minus money to clean the apartment, the carpeting, and a prorated painting fee. Will wonders never cease!
  3. lucky7's Avatar
    Heck no they DONT LISTEN!!! I hear ya on that one!!! I know it way too well! Im sure almost all of us do huh!!!! I say SHAKE HIM UP A BIT!!!!! Literally! SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!!!!!! WOO HOO to THAT!
  4. Bonita's Avatar
    I had to hire a workmans compasation lawyer to be heard at all and won my case. Bonita
  5. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    It must be so scarey for you.Lets just hope that he gets evicted soon now,which he may and you can settle back into your home being less frightened and it becomes quiet for you.
    Let me know how it goes.
    Love amanda.xxxx