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  1. frekkuls's Avatar
    Hey There!! My doc has been talking about switching me to cellcept for the past couple months, because my imuran doesn't seem to be working anymore. Looks like we'll make the leap next week. Can anyone tell me what to expect?? I'm nervous!!
  2. richie's Avatar
    Hi thanks for doctor put me on it to suppress my imune system.all my joints were hurting so we will see what happens.i had kidney involvment 20 years ago and took cytoxin and it seemed to put me in remission for 20 yrs. rich,
  3. AlphaWolf06's Avatar

    I'm currently on Cellcept and have been for about 2-2 and a half years now. When I was first put on it, I was on 1000mg a day and it was combined with 60mg of prednisolone but now I'm only on 750mg with 5mg of pred. Why has your doctor put you on it? Have you had kidney involvement?