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  1. Millie's Avatar
    This was great! I mean your writing, obviously not the pain in the morning. Which we all now is horrible, just like spiders. Looking forward to reading more from you. Keep on writing. I've been wondering about that 'thoughts become things' thingy as well, but I'm not there yet. Wonder if I ever will be.

    Lots of Love.
  2. Numpty's Avatar
    Hey Bonita!

    I hate spiders too.. with a passion ~lol~ Which is why I never venture up into the attic in my house!

    Sometimes there is no better meds than a childs smile, so you hang in there! And remember, when you feel bad we're usually only a message away so always feel free to send any of us one! ~hugs~

    I entered a writing competition recently with a bit about sitting in a hospital waiting room to see my Rheumy so I thought I'd keep writing about my lupus thoughts and feelings and see where it takes me. Thoughts become things!

    Claire x
  3. Bonita's Avatar
    My small miracles come in the package of my two youngest grandchildren when i watch them. Some days it is rough but they give me a future to look forward to. At 61 i feel bad some days.
  4. Bonita's Avatar
    That is a good way to put this. Bonita even though i hate spiders Bonita