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  1. Rastagirl's Avatar
    Absolutely beautiful....both of you. That is a lovely picture. She looks so much like you, saysusie. Her eyes...

    I'm looking forward to her bio returning as well...

    Hugs... and many thanks for this site in her memory.

  2. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    HI Saysusie (Carlotta),

    Wow what a beauty, both of you. I did ask Rob the other day about Louri's lounge and he told me it was dedicated to your daughter.I look forward to reading about her.

    Sending you gentle hugs and thanks.
  3. Oluwa's Avatar
    Dear Carlotta...I remember the first time I saw Lauri's picture, two years ago...Wow, what beauty. I saw this one and said the same of you both.

    I double clicked on the thumbnail and there you both were, in all you beauty...almost life size on my 22" screen..

    You are both beautiful people...inside and out. I never met Lauri, but I feel I know her from all the things you wrote to me of her.

    I can't wait to read her bio again....gosh, it has been a spell since it was least a year, eh? I look forward to it...

    Love you,
  4. Oluwa's Avatar
    That is so true Saysusie..about what Conrad has given us. Exploring, learning...

    I am lost in the Arcade room forgetting about my humdrum. Thumbing through my PC files for photographs.

    I was just telling that to Cheryl or was it to Jody earlier today. The new WHL keeps me focus one thing and that one thing is not me, my bones, my muscles...

    Feeling an even bigger connection to my family here..

    Love in bunches...
  5. admin's Avatar
    Shucky dran, you're making me cry!
  6. mnjodette's Avatar
    I agree, Saysusie. I feel like a 'visitor' just finding my way around a new much to learn. Thank you Admin!

  7. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Very well said....3 cheers for Conrad x
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