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  1. Another New WHL Home!!

    Hello Dear WHL Family;
    Do you realize that it was February 17, 2009 when I posted a blog about our then new WHL site provided by Conrad. I talked about our exhilaration as we explored the new site and how we were able to forget our illness for those moments that we spent playing in the arcade, uploading pictures, exploring new capabilities of the site, etc.
    I also mentioned that "static" was something that Conrad would NEVER allow! Was I right??? Here we are, less ...
  2. Lupies & Summer

    Hello Family;
    Summer is upon some of us and fast approaching the rest of us. Having Lupus presents us with challenges during the summer months as we are extremely sun sensitive. So, each summer, I like to offer a few reminders to help us get through the season without too many problems.
    For us, pain is triggered by many things: the main triggers are the weather .. and especially the sun. Photosensitivity is one of the most aggravating triggers of our disease and it doesn't take ...
  3. We Have Lupus Dedication - Lauri's Bio

    Lauriís Lupus Story
    This is Lauriís story, as told and presented here by her mother, who is also the moderator of this forum. So, forgive me if the story becomes emotional or perhaps even clinical in my effort to tell you about her life, her bravery and the legacy of compassion, love and integrity that she left for us, her family.
    Lauriís Lupus story started much like many of you; with various illnesses which we could not define nor could we find a reason ...
  4. Bio For Lauri

    Conrad and I are in the process of posting a biography for my daughter, Lauri Amber Reinke-Diggs, to whom WeHaveLupus is dedicated. I have attached a jpg of picture of her and I to this Blog in the hopes that Conrad can download it for her Bio.
    If not, we will have to try another option (lol)

    Peace and Blessings
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  5. Isn't our new WHL world just great??

    So, as I am experimenting with the new site, fiddling with buttons and clicking on links, I realize that I am excited, happy, and filled with anticipation. So, for several moments of each day, I am discovering something new; both on the site and in myself. What I've discovered is that Conrad has not only given us a beautiful new home, but he's filled it with so many exciting new gadgets, games, buttons, and links. In so doing, we have completely forgotten about our pain, our frustrations, our ...
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