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  1. The Survivor's Avatar
    Thank you guys for your encouraging comments!
  2. bless's Avatar
    Dear Survivor,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story.I've just gained new energy upon reading it. I have lupus too, I had it when I was 18.Now I'm 29 and I will be 30 on Oct 26th.I'm living a normal life but I'm still complaining about my condition.Now I've realized that I have no right to complain.
    Be brave.Take care!

  3. bless's Avatar
    Good luck.I'm sure you'll enjoy being on your own.
    Take care of yourself,ok?!
  4. A. G. Moore's Avatar
    Good luck! You have such a great attitude. I know everyone on this site is rooting for you
  5. serand4's Avatar
    Dear Survivor, so much of your story mirror's mine. Right down to the psychotic break. The blessing of family is sometimes unbelievably reassuring. I'm with you, fight until your doctor listens. My bladder shut down about a month ago and I was so sick I didn't even notice the lack of urine for nearly a week. Instead of leaking from my limbs, I simply cried nonstop. I couldn't say boo to anyone without breaking into tears. I had to get the fluid out somehow, I suppose. I have my liver biopsy coming up as well as other studies. SLE is an evil and deceptive disease. All the more reason to fight dirty! I'm in it to win it. Thanks for your story!
  6. A. G. Moore's Avatar
    You are brave and that is good advice. Medicine, no matter the side effects, has to be taken to fight this ruthless disease. I think it's great that you are not just concerned with what happens to you but care to use your experience to help others. I admire you.
    A. G. Moore