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  1. Upnorthsal's Avatar
    I use Ultracet with pretty good results. It can cause rebound headaches if taken too often.
  2. Upnorthsal's Avatar
    My skin is dry all of the time and in the winter I get a discoid rash (little round patches of dry skin). I found an oil at Sally's Beauty supply called 7 natural oils- it seems to work well...
  3. Mica's Avatar
    All the time and sometimes it's really sensitive. Try corona multi-ointment cream, it's been the only thing that has cured that. You have to ask at the pharmacy counter because they keep it back there but don't worry you don't need a prescription, also lasts a long time.
  4. TiffanyP's Avatar
    well, to be honest my dr gave me naproxen and it didnt work for me AT ALL. Lets just say I had some very not-very-ladylike-words for the Naproxen, LOL
  5. butterflycage's Avatar
    Thanks... Im happy there are ppl i can chat with
  6. LindaJ's Avatar
    Hi Buttercup.........How are you doing lately? I hope you are not feeling as down as you were last week. Feel free to chat with me whenevever you are down. I will be starting back teaching next week, so my responses may not be as timely as during the summer...but I will get back to you!
  7. blackeight's Avatar
    Please know that you are not alone. I am so glad that I found this site cause I felt just like you, like there was no one that understood. But wow, there are a lot of great people on here and I am on here most of the time. Anytime you need someone to chat with or talk too please feel free to hit me up I would be more than happy to chat with you.
  8. LindaJ's Avatar
    Buttercup.........Please don't fret about losing your hair. It is only temporary. I know it is no fun. My hair was so thin when I first got Lupus (I was only know that seemed like the end of the world!). My grandma got me a wig. After my flair went away, my hair came back. If I could figure out how to put a picture of me on my profile page, you could see that it is now nice and thick.(PS I am now 61. I had the losing hair problem a couple more times since then. Just concentrate about getting better....your hair will grow back just fine!
  9. vicky62's Avatar
    Im so sorry your losing your hair. That is one of my biggest fears also I really dont know much to say except that I do understand. Hugs Vicky62