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  1. Patient's Role in Lupus Treatment

    Hi, I haven't posted on this site for a while, but thought this post might be helpful to some who are struggling with difficult treatment decisions. As is usually the case with my blogs, I copied this one from my own website:

    Lupus Patient Compliance

    Figuring out why treatment works with one lupus patient and not another is a critical challenge for researchers. Different manifestations of lupus vary in their response to treatment protocols; ethnic background also seems ...
  2. Steroid Information

    I came across two articles that had a lot of information about steroid use, including dose equivalents, drug interactions and potential for adrenal suppression.

    One of the sources (Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of the Adult Patient, 6th Edition Chapter 105, Glucocorticoid Therapy) can be found at http://www.dermaamin.com/site/images...sid621819.html.

    For the other source (Chapter 14-Glucocorticoid Therapy and ...
  3. Updates on Lupus Nephritis Treatment

    I recently came across a question about Rituximab on another online forum (Lupus UK) and was curious about this medication. So I began to investigate. As is usual with me, I went down many paths. None of these led to a productive discussion on Rituximab. However, I did learn a lot about lupus nephritis. Below is summarized (from my own blog) some of the most recent thinking about treating this quite common and very serious aspect of systemic lupus--up to 60% of people diagnosed with systemic lupus ...