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  1. lilmama1's Avatar
    I to am new to WHL, and have been on tramodol for awhile about two years. At first it made me a little loopy but now it doesn't seen to have any affect on me it doesn't even help with the muscle pain anymore so I would say give it a little more time and see if some of the side effects go away, if not see if your dr can give u something else but remember to avoid hazardous activities when taking them try to only take them at night when u are about to go to bed or on days when you don't have to drive.
  2. tgal's Avatar
    First let me welcome you to WHL. This is a topic I sure many of our members would weigh in on but few of them actually come to the blog section. Try posting this in the forums in the "medicines" section. I am sure you will get quite a few people giving feedback over there