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    We can survive and go forward because we have the strength and will to survive.
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    Well, you are not alone in these feelings. I have them. Also. Funny thing is I was just going to write a blog a out them. I feel like I'm to the point of wanting to find a hole to crawl into.

    Family's say that they understand what we go through; their expections of us are alway more than we are because they want more for us. My parents were the same. Now they seem to accept me as I am; and my daughter wants more from me. They all want me to be health conscious. But my stomach won't let me eat raw veggies. I'm so tired of just chicken. I'm not a fish eater. Five mi utes of exercise and I'm exhausted.
    Believe it or not you sound better off than me. At least your job is rewarding and needed and awesome. I stll feel like I need a major change in my Life and I don't know where to start at my age. I heard a classmate died this past weekend. We are only 63-64. We are young. Hope is out there, we just need to find it. You have a good Life. Do counseling for your marriage; I had to go the single Mom route. It was hard especially with Lupus. My kids, ....... My kids, I wanted to do better for them; but I had to work. Father was across the country. I tried to use sports to keep them out of trouble. In the end they turned out great; but getting there was very very hard. Hope is helps; HUGS!!