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  1. Tonyarenee's Avatar
    Thanks ya After I posted I seen I put in in the wrong part tried changeing it and could not figure out how LOL still new and figuring it all out LOL

    So have you go DX and if so how? I keep a diary and all pics, and am taking it all next week to the DR with me...wish me luck! I wish I could say I dont have Lupus but I think my nose tells it all LOL
  2. tgal's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to WHL. I wanted to stop in and tell you that you will get more response posting this in the "New members" section of the forum. The majority of members don't even come to this section (no idea why. If they are like me they forget about it!).

    So much of your story is like mine. We are really glad to have you in the WHL family. I look forward to getting to know you!