1. Getting annoyed with Dr's

    I have been going to severl Dr's all year had a posative Ana yet still not dx'ed...I am soooo sleepy today even tho I have slept for 16 hrs awake for 4 and slept 9 hrs! My dr had put me on preds for a month and I felt better than I had in a good while but now have been off preds for over 2 weks and feel like I am worse than when he put me on preds!
    My molar rash is worse on the left side....the left side of my togue is red and sore along with the left side of the roof of my mouth! I also ...
  2. Newbie that is sick and tiered of feeling sick and tired!

    Hello, I am 37 and am going insane trying to get DR's to listen to me! Not Dx'ed... ANA shows traces( whatever that means)
    When I was prego 19 years ago I had trouble with my legs and would fall to all 4's! (only weigh 120)
    I always have random pain that I would go to the dr and handed pain pills and no true reason!
    In 2003 The rash on and over my nose was worse than it had ever been! (Was getting married = major stress)
    I was looking for something to help clear it and ...