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  1. tgal's Avatar
    Hey Rob82! Questions like this or things you want to discuss should be placed in the forums because very few people come over here. I am sure you have been thinking "what rude people"!. LOL This is actually a great topic because we all love to discuss and complain about the diagnosis roller coaster! When in doubt of what section to post a question or comment in just toss it in Lauries Lounge. You will get quite a bit of discussion on this one
  2. Peridot20_Gem's Avatar
    Hello Rob,

    It is hard telling other's because they'll never know what your going through and we're surposed to be healthy looking people also, now that's a laugh if i've heard one.
    Well i'm a manic depressive and the pain off this the last 3 days as done nothing but make me constantley cry so it makes my pain more severe.
    I tried plaquenil but it just did'nt suite me i got the severe side affects from it but having other troubles and taking other meds it was like it was to much, so i'm sticking to paracetamol in future and with ailments from my past which i've gone through for 25yrs besides being diagnosed 3yrs ago i was told i was born with it but it gets me mad because no furthur bloods was took to find out.

    I'm here for you always mate to chat. x
  3. Rob82's Avatar
    Hi Terry,

    I have noticed that stress has caused my symptoms to get worse, I have been depressed and stressed out, Music calming music helps relieve some of my stress and depression. I appreciate your kind words. I really appreciate it. I have a hard time telling my friends and family about Lupus here in Texas. It's good to find support with people here at we have lupus.
  4. Peridot20_Gem's Avatar
    Hi Rob,

    I am sorry you've been diagnosed with Lupus and i know how you feel on both accounts, it's an hard struggle at times but it's how people master it and if meds help them.

    Like yourself i was diagnosed with Lupus 3yrs ago and to this day i have a right time coping but wheather you know this depression and getting stressed will make your symptoms react more as that's Lupus's main feed depression.

    ((Hus to you mate)) Terri x