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  1. Kerry's Avatar
    Hugs!! It's such a hard thing to do is ask for help, you dont want to burden anyone with the erratic illness that Lupi is. It's not "all the time poorly" and we get our good days.. which is hard for "normal" people to understand as it can be a bit of a roller coaster. I'm sure your friend will come round and see that it's not like you can turn it off when ever the hell you feel like it.. and perhaps we do need a bit more attention than other people, but we are special and we deserve it! xx
  2. AliceOrozco's Avatar
    darn...thats tough... im new here and i know how that feels. the way i see it, a true friend willl be there till the end no matter what. If you are having issues asking a friend for help with an illness you cant control, then i think that level of friendship isnt there... surround yourself with people who you definitely know will never have an issue helping you out. <3 good luck. be strong.