Another day

Why is it I wake up and think I can take the bull by the horns and really all I can do is watch the bull run by?

It seems as this is my time of the year. I always seem to go downhill in Spring. It's beautiful outside and all I can do is watch it go by.

I had a co worker compliment me today on my make up, said my blush looked really pretty. Of course I thanked her, didn't have the heart to tell her I don't use blush, I have Lupus and the lights in my office give me nice rosy cheeks

  1. A new begining

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    What a great day to start anew. Happy Easter to all who believe.

    It seems as if everyday I say "Okay, today is the day I will eat better, be nicer to people, exercise, take all my meds, blah blah blah. "

    But then I hurt and when I hurt I have so little patience for others. When I'm tired and someone whines about how they went to bed late and now their tired I want to SCREAM and tell them what TIRED really feels like. ...