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  1. The Find

    Things fall apart
    at the slightest touch
    New words cannot be found
    only the old, looping
    round and around.

    Insanity can be found
    and here.

    Pain, of course,

    Reading Rilke,
    I try to breathe
    but am drowned
    in his sea of beauty.

    His sea, mind,
    not mine,
    And for the first time
    I find myself

    - Shaista ...
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  2. Good evening to everyone, a happy hello from a new member!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shining Star View Post
    My name is Shaista. I write a blog at http://shaistatayabali.blogspot.com
    The title of the blog is Lupus in Flight, which is always my intention and my hope - to somehow find the wings to fly beyond these seemingly limited skies. Hoping to find friends and advocates here, for a better future.
    I was diagnosed with SLE in 1997 and have since acquired acute steroid induced glaucoma, retinal and peripheral vasculitis, necrotizing lymphadenitis, pleural and pericardial effusions, lymphadenopathy...
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