1. Awareness Month is here !!!

    Hello lupies,
    I was just sitting here and thinking actually dreaming of being lupus freeeeeee....
    I love to day dream sometimes of the day i hear the breakthru news, a cure has been found
    Reality hits home soon after and i feel so frusturated because i really want to have the brilliant ideia to somehow get the word out there in a massive way, and capture the attention of someone who is in a position to MAKE a huge difference to research funding, everybit helps no doubt, ...
  2. Jobs Best Suited For Lupus Sufferers

    Hello all

    Lupus has been part of my life for most of my adult life...with many many challenges like all the WHL family. I had to stop working and realise that my body couldnt cope like when I was healthier...but there has to be some good options out there for people who are chronically ill, i just dont know what?
    Has anyone got any ideias...i just wanted to put it out there...
  3. Rituxmab Infusions for lupus ANYONE TRIED THIS recently ?

    I was recently recommended to have this treatment by my immunologist and was wondering if anyone with Mild to severe lupus as tried this treatment?

    I am very concerned about the long term side affects...what can i expect?

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