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  1. Shining Star's Avatar
    Yes there is a place - it's called Nikoi Island, in Indonesia Check these pictures out from my blog... my moment of heaven...
  2. EllaBlue's Avatar
    Thank you Star...and yes NH has been very cold. We are expecting a storm this Tuesday night into Wed. if the weather man gets it right and it appears to be......
    I have an electric blanket too! It does help, but overall I feel cold right to my bones!
    I used to get more hotflashes (lol) and I had the house at 68...and now that barely keeps me comfy.

    Many of us either have or have had the flu too! Needless to say I am looking forward to spring. THEN of course when the heat comes I suffer then too. IS there a "Lupus Island" someplace where we could all gather and feel comfy?????
  3. Shining Star's Avatar
    I am so sorry to hear of your hard day - it's a hard life with lupus!!
    I am in England and feel the cold sooo much, so this year Mum bought me my first electric underblanket - which has been great.
    Is it freezing in New Hampshire? I'm in England... cold, but the snow recently melted... everyone has the flu though!!