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    Tough times for you Terri, keep up with taking the meds, you might just feel more miserable if you go off them. Make sure you talk to your doctor about how you are feeling.
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    You've got it! the best place for any post is in the forum section. Don't worry if you get it in the right section or not. When in doubt just put it in Lauri's lounge!
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    That would be great, I wasn't sure where to put it. Thanks!
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    Hey Terri,

    This is actually a great post but very few people read the blog section. I think this would make for a wonderful discussion if you would place it in the forums. I can copy it over there so you don't have to re-write it if you want.
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    That is so true! I forget things my husband tells me almost as so as the words come out of his mouth! This upsets him alittle! lol
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    My daughter and son in law came over this morning after a night out celebrating the New Year. My son in law started putting empty drink bottles in the fridge, forgetting where he put things, couldn't remember what he was talking about etc.... I had to laugh and remind him that he now knows how I feel when I am having a bad day, which is often
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    Well started my day off today not so sore out of bed! And I did have a good laugh at myself..made my first cup of coffee (we have a single cup brewer) but forgot to put the cup under the brewer! The memory and forgetfulness sometimes does make life a challenge, but sometimes you just have to laugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda From Australia
    I just posted a reply in the thread you wrote in if you want to check it out. Welcome again
    Thanks for the comments! I just started the plaquelin about 2 weeks ago. I do hope that there is some relief somewhere soon. I think I will start taking the vicodin in the morning and see what happens. They will only give me 30 pills a month, so I try to make them last all month in case there is a really horrible day.
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    I just posted a reply in the thread you wrote in if you want to check it out. Welcome again