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  1. Nat's Avatar
    Thanks Linda - will definitely fill you in about the plane trip when I get back. I'm not looking forward to it at all, I'm preparing myself with loose clothes etc so I'm comfortable. The second leg will be the worst because its 13 hours!!! Hopefully you'll be right for Darwin. I've only traveled inside of Aust since being diagnosed with the clots but haven't traveled with lupus before so will see how it goes! I've got my endone and prednisolone on standby hopefully I wont need either!!
  2. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    Have fun Nat.... I am interested in knowing how you coped with the long plane trip because I am going to Darwin for a work conference in July, and I am not sure how I am going to cope with the long flight, not to mention the hours sitting in meetings for 3/4 days.

    Make sure you have heaps of fun, as well as take heaps of pain killers
  3. Nat's Avatar
    Bunny - glad you've been feeling good too, I think we feel so crappy sometimes its good to hear when others are doing so well.
  4. bunny28's Avatar
    I love hearing the good. I too feel relatively lucky when reading so many posts. My symptoms have so far been more what I would call annoying (or painful) than truly dangerous. I have had good care since my diagnosis (only a few months ago) and for the first time in a long time feel pretty good. We need to share the highs...and the positive thoughts. I wish everyone at least one day of feeling "good" in the next little while and more if at all possible.
  5. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    Of course you have a wonderful life, friends and family. They are all in Perth!!!!